The most successful fundraising strategies focus on seeking high-value support, incremental contributions, and engaging with new donors. All of these require personalised engagement and communication.

To increase the likelihood of a good return, organisations should seek to strengthen and grow support from existing supporters, while also targeting past supporters that have dropped off and those that are new. Being organised is key! It’s a good idea to build a fundraising calendar setting out key deadlines for applications, reports, and scheduling events that prospective donors can attend.

A strategic plan is a roadmap to guide the organisation’s fundraising efforts and ensure effective use of time. Fundraising from charitable trusts and foundations can be one of the most cost-effective ways of bringing in a good return on investment. At the heart of every successful fundraising strategy is good research to identify the best funders that will give at the right levels to support your goals.

Alongside a good fundraising plan, to enhance your case for funding, your website and social media can be an important contact point for prospective funders. Making use of these is an excellent way to spread the word about your organisation’s achievements and goals and build brand awareness among your supporters.

Stories are a powerful way to engage donors and support your fundraising. Share updates on your organisation’s mission, achievements, and beneficiaries, and acknowledge supporters where you can.

Creating an annual impact report can also help to demonstrate how your fundraising efforts are making a difference. Here you can acknowledge your funders. It is also good to include eye-catching visual content to bring your work alive.

At Amplify we help arts organisations, charities and community organisations to build effective fundraising plans. We have developed and implemented fundraising strategies, raising over £20million pounds across a range of organisations.