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With over 20 years fundraising experience
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Fundraising Strategy

Get a health check of your fundraising strategy, or support to develop a new one. Alongside our expertise and knowledge of the fundraising landscape, we have access to all of the major funding databases and keep a close eye on new opportunities.

Project & Organisational Development

Critical to your success in fundraising is the design of your projects and activities.  We can work with you at the early stages of developing your projects to help improve their fundability in line with relevant funders’ criteria.

Applications & Reports

We can take away the burden of writing funding applications or help by reviewing those you have written yourself.


We offer an objective evaluation of your project, service or wider organisation. These can not only strengthen your funding approaches but also have a great impact on the development of your work.

Bespoke Consultancy & Support

Our bespoke consultancy and support services are designed to meet the individual needs of your organisation. Whether you’d like a one-time project or an ongoing arrangement, we can help.


We provide tailored one-to-one mentoring support that sets goals and objectives to aid your professional development in fundraising.


‘Thank you so much for your work on developing a fundraising strategy for our organisation. We feel completely empowered to progress with the assurance that we have the best possible tools going forward.’


Karen Janody, Arts Manager – rb&hArts

‘It’s an absolute pleasure to recommend Amplify. Their knowledge of fundraising and expertise was a huge advantage to developing Arts Canteen in the last few months, along with their undeniable talent.’

Aser El Saqqa, Managing Director – Arts Canteen

‘Amplify are experienced and expert fundraisers. They make the whole experience feel effortless. They execute keenly-crafted applications that beat the competition at assessment bringing in big gains for their clients.’

Gurpreet Kaur, Director – A5cend

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5 Common fundraising mistakes you should avoid

Fundraising is a profession that requires specific skills and competence. Trying to access funding can be difficult, especially for a young organisation or if you are new to fundraising. Without a track record and reputation, you may not be able to reach the support that you need straight away. You will need patience and resilience as you will more than likely have to go through numerous rejections before successfully securing the funding you need. This might result in desperate tactics that can harm…

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Writing a successful funding application

There are over 10,000 charitable trusts and foundations in the UK supporting a wide variety of causes. However, applying for grants can be challenging since they receive hundreds (if not thousands) of applications. A well-written application stands out since many organisations do not spend enough time drafting them to a high degree. It is important to focus your fundraising efforts by choosing a small number of grant makers that you know will be interested in your cause. A grant proposal…

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Essential fundraising strategies for charities

The most successful fundraising strategies focus on seeking high-value support, incremental contributions, and engaging with new donors. All of these require personalised engagement and communication. To increase the likelihood of a good return, organisations should seek to strengthen and grow support from existing supporters, while also targeting past supporters that have dropped off and those that are new. Being organised is key! It’s a good idea to build a fundraising calendar setting out key deadlines for applications, reports, and scheduling…

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