Case for Support

Central to your fundraising is ensuring that you are getting across your organisation’s work in a compelling way.

We will work with you and your team to gather all of the essential information to articulate and present your work to funders and stakeholders. Whether for your organisation as a whole or for a specific project, the written Case for Support will cover all of the critical information required by funders. We have worked on and assessed thousands of applications over the years and know what they want to see!

Our work in developing your case will be backed up by evidence of need, and knowledge on how your work complements others working in a similar area.


– Build a strong well articulated case for support your organisation or project(s)

– Have the foundations of all required information together that can be drawn on to make funding applications

– Have a central document that can get ‘buy in’ from other staff and colleagues in your organisation to support your fundraising efforts

– Have a convincing case to help you engage with new stakeholders and partners

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